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  • National Brandy Alexander Day


    This decadent concoction is reported to have been created during the wedding reception of Princess Mary and Lord Lascelles in London in 1922, but there is some dispute over this because Lascelles’ name is Henry, not Alexander. Other stories claim it was after Russian tsar Alexander II.

  • Giving B. Suga Something She can Feel


    I used to be the girl who would order the “safe” meals on the menu. I simply refused to venture away from what I was used to, which, unfortunately, was not much. If plain wasn’t available, I’d order my meals minus this minus that, turning possible masterpieces into some boring dish.  Then one day, at a Malaysian restaurant […]

  • National Champagne Day


    If you are casually into champagnes or so entrenched that your palate can discern the difference of a true Champagne Region blanc de blanc from a California sparkling white, you have probably heard the tale about the Bénédictine monk, Dom Perignon,  creating sparkling wine and declaring “Come quickly, I’m tasting stars!” Whether true or not, one […]

  • Henny Palooza


    Like most house parties, Henny Palooza started as a small gathering of friends at the residence of founder, Kameron McCullough. The idea was simple — bring a bottle of the popular cognac Hennessy and/or a box of chicken. The beverage and food pairing was genius. After a few text messages, emails and tweets, word quickly spread. 140 guests and 57 Hennessy bottles later, Henny Palooza was created.

  • Merry Christmas Eve


    Growing up, we all heard about those magical creatures called Elves. They labored hard year round for Santa, tinkering and toiling to ensure that he had everything he needed to pull off his magical feat of visiting each and every child.  As a child, I never really asked questions about the elves. All I knew, […]

  • Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice


    In talking to friend of Drink du Nuit, recording artist and suicide prevention spokeswoman Starshell, I learned about the incredible movement and organization she founded called “Birthday Girl: Celebrate Life” in honor of her beloved sister Starchelle [A/k/a “Star”], whose birthday is in December. Each time I hear her speak about her Star,  or talk […]

  • Hello world!


    Hello World and Welcome to Drink du Nuit. Several years ago we started a small Facebook blog that offered up cocktail recipes, stories, reviewed new music, and basically became part of many of your night-cap rituals. After much persuasion from our loyal readers and a desire to expand the dialogue and reach more people, we […]

  • National Screwdriver Day


    A screwdriver can be as simple as one part vodka, two parts orange juice, or it can be altered to suit the imbiber’s taste buds in a variety of ways. It is a classic in any mixologist’s recipe box and today we celebrate the Screwdriver.

  • Crown Royal Regal Apple

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    Growing up in Detroit, you learned about those purple and gold Crown Royal bags before you ever knew what Crown Royal was. I use to stash my top secret special marbles in one that my older uncle gave me. He always seemed to have tons of them. In college I fell back in love with […]