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  • Election Day: Bitter Truths

    Work has been particularly stressful these past few weeks, so I decided I would take advantage of this mid-week day off. I opined I would wake up late, hit the gym earlier than usual, do all the things I have been neglecting at home, then vote and run some small errands. Completing everything by 4PM, […]

  • Overdosed on Loneliness

    ” A person can overdose on loneliness and their own inner darkness as easily as they can with drugs…Like with most addictions, you can be the intervention of their darkness, if you love them… “ ~ Management’s Musings Recipe for the 12 Step Intervention: • All Ingredients are to taste as needed 1. Love 2. […]

  • I Want What You Want

    “When you stopped fighting for your heart, you broke mine” ~Syleena Johnson Has your lover ever fell short of your expectations? Have you ever wanted their dream, more than they wanted it? Have you ever wanted more than they could give? Tell us about it?  

Tips for our Readers to:

Build the Basic Home Bar

Things you will need:
    1. Boston Shaker
    2. Jigger
    3. Bar Spoon
    4. Quality Mixers [Cranberry, Orange,Pineapple, Grapefruit, Tonic, Seltzer, etc.]
    1. Vodka [ 1 Regular & 1 Flavored]
    2. Gin
    3. Rum [1 Dark & 1 Light]
    4. Tequila
    1. Triple Sec
    2. Blended Whiskey
    3. Scotch Whiskey
    4. Bourbon (optional)
    1. Bitters [start with Angostura]
    2. Wine [1 White 1 Red 1 Sparkling]
    3. Beer

Beyond the Glass

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  • Shortcode GeneratorSnack du Nuit

    Looking for the perfect amuse bouche to go with your Drink du Nuit? Want to try some new recipes for your next cocktail party? Check out B. Suga’s series: Snack du Nuit as she provides us with her version of fun eats and treats.
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  • Shortcode GeneratorSneak-Peeks

    From your glass, to your head, to your toes. How you look drinking is almost as important as what you are drinking. Check out Sneak Peeks for stylish sneakers and footwear that’s sure to make you the envy of all your drinking comrades.
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  • Easy to CustomizeSong du Nuit

    Music and cocktails have a lot in common. Both should carry you from the first note to the last chord. Both are carefully concerned with blend, harmony, and purposeful construction. Mood changing, feelings amplifying, desire intensifying, check out  Double ‘O’s series: Song du Nuit pairings and playlist to complement the Drink du Nuit and your night’s intentions.
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