Drink du Nuit

“A Life Well Consumed”

  • Election Day: Bitter Truths


    Work has been particularly stressful these past few weeks, so I decided I would take advantage of this mid-week day off. I opined I would wake up late, hit the gym earlier than usual, do all the things I have been neglecting at home, then vote and run some small errands. Completing everything by 4PM, […]

  • Overdosed on Loneliness


    ” A person can overdose on loneliness and their own inner darkness as easily as they can with drugs…Like with most addictions, you can be the intervention of their darkness, if you love them… “ ~ Management’s Musings Recipe for the 12 Step Intervention: • All Ingredients are to taste as needed 1. Love 2. […]

  • I Want What You Want


    “When you stopped fighting for your heart, you broke mine” ~Syleena Johnson Has your lover ever fell short of your expectations? Have you ever wanted their dream, more than they wanted it? Have you ever wanted more than they could give? Tell us about it?  

  • National Whiskey Sour Day


    The whiskey sour is a mixed drink containing whiskey (often Bourbon), lemon juice, sugar, and optionally, a dash of egg white. It is shaken and served either straight up or over ice. The traditional garnish is half an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

  • National Lemonade Day


    Whether you make your lemonade with fresh fruit, you pop a can of that reconstituted juice from the freezer, you get down with Country Time in its powder form, you go all new age with these liquid squirters, or you fancy and grab some San Pelligrino Limonata, lemonade is a staple summer drink.

    You can slush it, freeze it as a popsicle, infuse it, or spike it with a spirit of your choice. Whether sugary sweet, honey kissed, or tart and zesty, lemonade is one of the easiest and most versatile mixers you have at your disposable as a cocktailer. Its citrus and sugar base allow you to easily and instantly blend a series of new and fun summer refreshers.

  • Another Year With You:


    Each year after a birthday, I take the time to write a thank you post for all the gifts, blessings and cards that my friends sent to me. I gratefully appreciate them for taking a little time to think of me and including my special day in their memory bank of moments. Last year, as […]

  • New York Edition Hotel’s Lobby Bar


    The Drink is always on the hunt for a new place to kick up our feet and imbibe on crafted cocktails that feature quality seasonal ingredients, masterful infusions, and a presentation that intoxicates before we even take our first sip. That is exactly what we got when we visited New York Edition Hotel’s Lobby Bar. […]

  • New York City Cocktail Week – $4 Happy Hour


    A full week of $4 premium cocktails at the hottest bars and nightclubs across New York City?! We are giving “Happy Hour” a new meaning.

    Buy this 5 days of $4 cocktails deal now and enjoy drinks from some of NYC’s best mixologists for a full 5 DAYS!!

  • La Nuit en Rosé New York


    La Nuit en Rosé is the world’s first Food & Wine Festival dedicated to Rosé Wine and Rosé Champagne, bringing together the largest gathering of rosé wine producers, rosé wine lovers, chefs and restaurants. Anything but a typical wine tasting, La Nuit En Rosé is a full culinary experience and a lavish lifestyle celebration.