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  • Henny Palooza


    Like most house parties, Henny Palooza started as a small gathering of friends at the residence of founder, Kameron McCullough. The idea was simple — bring a bottle of the popular cognac Hennessy and/or a box of chicken. The beverage and food pairing was genius. After a few text messages, emails and tweets, word quickly spread. 140 guests and 57 Hennessy bottles later, Henny Palooza was created.

  • The Holiday Spirit Bazaar


    On Saturday, November 22, you’re heading to the Holiday Spirits Bazaar, an annual celebration of wintry cocktailing hosted by a blog called the Dizzy Fizz, in a Brooklyn art gallery. You’ll get endless holiday drinks, some pass-arounds and VIP early access with an hour of unlimited oysters. Also, you’re a cocktail-contest judge. You were born for this job…