Fish and Spaghetti

Easy Jesus on the Side

When I was growing up, Friday was religiously Fish and Spaghetti night. All the family [generally including most people in the neighborhood as well, because everybody was your cousin] would gather and commune with one another. Christian Brothers’ E & J brandy was called “Easy Jesus”. It was the hood drink of choice because it gave you a buzz without costing that much. Spades players fire-preached shitty hands into Boston’s, it baptized young men into manhood, giving them a new walk and a new talk as they back-slid into backyards. It made all the young fast girls holy ghost shout as it danced into the belly of their souls and caught fire, and it anointed the lips of all the seasoned mothers who stood at the alter of the family (the kitchen) and cast[ed] fresh fish and chicken into a hot greasy hell pot. In honor of those days, I present to you, for your imbibing pleasure, tonight’s Drink du Nuit: The Blood of Easy Jesus.


1 ¾oz E&J XO Brandy
¾ oz mango liqueur
1 ½ oz sweet and sour
1 ½ oz grenadine
A splash of club soda

GLASSWARE: Hurricane or Large Collins Glass

In a tall cooler glass, combine brandy with mango liqueur, sweet and sour and grenadine, filling the rest of the glass with club soda.


Drink Well! and Remember:

When you got a little extra you get that Crown Royal in the purple velvet bag, and when you get that good plant job with one of the Big 3, you can upgrade to Hennessy!

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