Mau-Mau’s Cocktail

Inspired by South of France

Of all the blessing that have been bestowed upon me, the greatest gift I have been given is the ability to truly bond with certain people and to honestly be able to call them Friend.

This blessing has not always been easily recognized, or appreciated, or understood. However, on a recent trip to France, its majesty was made unequivocally clear, as my esteemed hosts welcomed me into their house and hearts.

T. Martin and L. Giraud were the very definition of good friends. This beautiful couple was as equally patient, caring, and accommodating with my travel partner and me, as they were with each other. Each day we discovered history, honored our present, and blessed our future. They created an experience from scratch that was as rich, warm, and as homemade as the meals [3 to 4 courses I might add] they prepared for us each day. They spoiled us with their friendship, and the friendship of their friends. We were loved and welcomed as if we were long lost cousins, returning home, returning to a culture we may have no longer knew, but were very much a part of.

In an attempt to celebrate them and to honor all of their friends’ generosity, I decided to create a cocktail one night, which would embody their warmth, sweetness, and the refreshing magnitude of the experience. So I present to you, for today’s imbibing pleasure, the Drink du Nuit they affectionately called: The Mau-Mau’s Cocktail


[*Said in a French Accent]

2 Oz Amaretto
4 OZ Malibu Black Rum
1 OZ Blue Curacao
1 OZ Crème de Cassis (or Chambord if you can’t find Cassis)
6 oz Coke
Champagne Topper


Mix Amaretto, Malibu, and Blue Curacao in a shaker over ice. Pour in glass and blend with Coke. Top with Crème de Cassis and Champagne.

DRINK WELL! and Remember:

“Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.”

–Rabindranath Tagore

What cocktail do you share with your real friends?

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