Fully Lived Life

A Recipe for Spiritual Living

My Great-Great Aunt Clyde at 97 years of age explained to me that the secret to her living so long was that she lived each day on purpose. A very religious woman, she explained to me that each day she asked God to keep her going for as long as there was a purpose for her living. In 2010, Aunt Clyde got cancer and refused chemo. She was told that there was nothing they could do then, and she would not live to see another month, let alone another birthday. She lived to see 3 more birthdays. I always told her there is no expiration date stamped on her foot.She would laugh and say “Ohh there is, but only Jehovah knows it”… Yesterday she moved on, so I guess God finally told her purpose was fulfilled and her expiration date had been reached. In her honor and in recognition of her piety, I present to you, for your spiritual imbibing only, her recipe for the: FULLY LIVED LIFE



Equals Parts–
Fellowship &

Glassware: Your Heart


Combine all the ingredients to make a life plan. Pray that life plan is blessed and highly favored. Shake it up every once and a while. Pour that plan into your every day. Serve God 1st, then share with everyone.

Drink Well! and “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

–Shannon L. Adler

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