50 Shades Of Pleasure Playlist

Love How You Hurt Me

It’s all in the eyes…

… You took the blindfold off, and there was something in your eyes. And I knew it was on.  I had gotten a taste for being dominated, and it was growing. And you’re enjoying the absolute control, it’s written on your face. But somehow we are still equals, because I gave you permission. I said yes. Yes is quite possibly the best (audible) word to hear when you’re in the right mood, the right spot, right there. Keep it right there…

For the music lovers who recognized the lyrics, h/t Bilal, New Edition, Van Hunt

Are you going to see 50 Shades of Grey? Or will you be coloring with your  own colors tonight? What do you like to listen to when your being dominated? Comment Below and let us know!


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